Assuring Positive Changes to Daily Lives

Assured Development Services, LLC is a community based residential program. It is committed and designed to provide quality care, services, treatment, and programs to individuals with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability that may also include a concurrent psychiatric condition. The expected advantage to the individuals we serve includes establishing realistic goals with improvement in their overall level of functioning and social skills with the goal of the individual being a productive, fulfilled, integrated, connected member of society.


Assured Development Services
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5930 Osoge Rd | Richmond, VA 23225
Phone: (804) 677-2054 | (804) 218-9300
Fax: (804) 232-6164

Our Vision...

Our vision is to provide a clean and comfortable safe haven equipped with modern amenities. Our experienced and caring staff are dedicated to the progression of each individual, and the development of their capabilities. To provide quality support for our individuals, we will employ experienced and skilled staff, who are knowledgeable of the individual’s needs and goals. Assured Development Services will strive to achieve exceptional standards approved by the program and the licensing authority. Learn more.

Programs & Services


Greater Unity I

We provide each individual with an assessment conducted by qualified staff which will evaluate...


Sensory & Mental Stimulation

Greater Unity I

The program will offer sensory and mental stimulation activities including those that highlight...



Individualized Service Planning

Following the initial assessment process, each consumer will participate in the development of....


Life & Social Skills Training

Greater Unity I

The program’s individuals shall receive daily instruction toward their development and execution of...



Case Management Services

The program shall ensure that each individual physical, social, behavioral, educational, vocational, and....


Family Involvement

Greater Unity I

We will promote the inclusion of individual’s family members and authorized representatives through...